Free Middle School Proofreading Worksheets

Free Middle School Proofreading Worksheets

free middle school proofreading worksheets
Bmsnovnewsltr - Or you may register on

line at www.bechoose 'Register'.Principal's Corner
From the Principal:
Students and staff at Bemidji Middle School are off to another great start this year!

As you and your son or daughter review their report card, please discuss the importance of academic hard work and effort!

Bemidji Middle School offers many excellent academic and extracurricular opportunities for students.

These opportunities give students the opportunity to discover where their personal interests and ambitions lie.

Please encourage your children to be involved in as many of these activities as possible.The Bemidji Middle School Site Council recommended some beneficial changes for our parking lot this year that have helped with traffic flow to and from the school.

You have probably noticed one way signs that point traffic in one direction into and out of the parking lot.

We have received many positive comments from parents and staff regarding this improvement.

Please let us know if you have other suggestions that may be beneficial for our students and parents.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your children!

Jim Wheeler Principal Bemidji Middle School

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Counselor's Corner! As a parent, one of your greatest dreams is to see that your child achieves theirs.As a school counselor, I am trained to help your child reach their full potential.However, every day, students face challenges - tough classes, peer pressure, as well as family and personal concerns.At BMS, we work to help children help themselves thr

We have been busy in Language Arts with spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation, and reading.

Every day the students work on a proofreading activity called "Every Day Edits" which is then gone over in class.

After they have completed five EDE's they have a quiz on one of the EDE's gone over in class.

Each week we begin a new spelling unit with different spelling patterns reviewed.

Various skills are also covered with these units.

These worksheets are due on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Tests are given on Friday.

Vocabulary and English are given on Tuesdays and are due on Thursdays.

A non-fiction reading piece is assigned on Wednesdays and is due on Fridays.

This is a typical week, but is always subject to change.

There is a lot of responsibility to cover a number of skills in preparation for the assessments taken in the spring.

We are busy! I have a classroom web page under construction with information you will, hopefully, find valuable.

It includes information on homework assignments and policies, a schedule of your child's day, a calendar of various happenings in the pod or at school, and some photos!

Questions you may have might be answered by consulting this page remember it is a work in progress!

In math we have just recently finished our investigations of prime time.

We worked with various arrangements dealing with factors and multipleWe will be using equivalent fractions to compare and order fractions.

Students will also become familiar with the how decimals, fractions and percents are related.

We began the study of Minnesota with a variety of activities.

The main idea was to look at the recent history of the 60 - 80 with all the drama that these decades contain!

We listened to some music, created art, discussed, read, watched movies, and used drama to explore the themes.

Now we have gone back in time to the ancient times in Minnesota.

Most of our work has been in class with 2 assignments for homework and 2 tests.

Please check the family access if you can.

I have a fledgling web page that is up dated once a month at future work, we will need the following items.

You can drop them off or send them with your student.

Collection of these items will be from now u, Beta students, who participated in the fundraiser and sold 10 items or more, will have the opportunity to attend the Mega Party after school.

We will start the party at 3:25 p.m.and it will conclude around 4:45 p.m.

The students will need to arrange their own transportation home.We are very fortunate to be able to have an artist-in-residence during January (made possible by the fundraiser).

Gary Harbo, who is published childrens author and cartoonist, will teach each of our students how to develop their own cartoon characters.

The students always have a great time and learn a lot about their own creativity.Grades for all of your students classes can be viewed to the

parent tab and select "Family Access".

This will lead you to a button to register, if you havent

done so already.

"Family Access" is

a fantastic resource for parents.

Please check it out, if you havent


For those of you who have

been using "Family Access", there is a

new feature that allows teachers to

communicate with you.It is called

Message Center.
When you open

"Family Access", you will see it in the

General Information section on the

left hand side of the screen.Click to

see if one of your childs teachers

has left a message for you.


teacher can send a message to

individual parents or to parents of an entire class or classes.

When you are in the Message Center window, you will see a link to email the teacher or you can post a reply to the teacher thru the Skyward program.

Is your student interested in getting some extra help with his/her math?

Mrs.Hesch offers a Tuesday Study Club after school until 4:20 p.m.

Tootsie Roll Pops are available to participants! Our Beta Pod sweatshirt contest is just around the corner.

More information is coming in Social Studies class.

We have been studying Egypt this quarter along with Mr.Antonovich, our student teacher.

We will be treated to a guest speaker, Mrs.Heltzer, who traveled to Egypt and will share her experiencesenior citizens.

Gamma Pod students, teachers and parent volunteers raked almost 40 yards and gathered over 400 bags of leaves!

We worked very hard and we had a great time.

We have already received many cards and letters thanking our studentprojects are a vital part of middle school philosophy.

Our pod is committed to a sound education for all our students.

Besides stressing academics, we use activities such as the Raking Project to introduce the concepts of team building, character education and citizenship.


McNallan, Mr.Fodness, Ms.Erickson, Ms.

Jago, Mr.Boen
Delta Pod

Science students have been learning the steps of the scientific method and looking for ideas for their science fair projects.

Ask your child about the science fair idea approval green sheet if you havent already seen it!
In language arts we are just about finished with unit one, Growing and Changing, in our literature books.Through the story selections we worked on comprehension, vocabulary building, and learning the elements of grammar, usage, and style.

We will be studying the eight parts of speech this year.

So far we have covered nouns and pr

Bemidji Middle School Parent Newsletter

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Kappa Pod News:
Kappa Pod is off to a great start this year!

First quarter has flown by!!

It has been a time of getting to know one another, building our foundation for the rest of the year.

With the help of Ms.

Johnson, our Inclusion Teacher, we are looking forward to a successful year for all of our students.

We enjoyed meeting all of our parents during the September Open House and/or BMS Parent/Teacher Con We started the school year discussing wetlands and water quality.We collected macroinvertebrates with chest waders from the holding pond and returned to the classroom to identify them.

We completed our study on classification and also used the key to native trees of the Bemidji area to identify some of the trees on middle school grounds.

Currently, we are reviewing the scientific method and features of living organisms.Our local science fair at Bemidji Middle Sc, 2008.

Students have started thinking about ideas for science projects.

Projects in Kappa will be due on January 31st.

History (Mr.Aylesworth) With the bombardment of Fort Sumter, we found ourselves marching off to war in the spring of 1861.

Strong passions and divided loyalties set the stage for the the Civil War.

This was much of the focus for first quarter.

We will be moving into the "Reconstruction Era" followed by the "Old West."


The history class website is also up and running! Math/Pre-Algebra (Mr.

Dahlberg) Pre-Algebra classes are finishing up Chapter 2 with Solving Equations, Word Problems (Try, Test, and Revise), and Inequalities.

Second quarter topics will include:

Decimals, Measures of Central Tendency, and More Equations.

Both classes are doing very well at this time and are pushing ahead steadily.Mr.Dahlberg,.
My middle schoolers have "community service" today. AKA the school is using them as free labor to pull weeds.
We have a FREE Shredder Day event coming up on Sept. 15 at Maple Point Middle School. Details on our community page:
But I'm not go jump in one real early probally in the middle of the school year so I can get to know her :) !
People that tweet "I Got The Free!" be in middle school lol
it doesnt make since for middle class to have to pay for school and lower class to get a free ride.
Nigga I ain't never had free lunch in middle school or high school nigga. susboys
Can't believe im a freshman. I feel like I just entered middle school..where did the time go? Feel free to slow down anytime life.
IKR?? They really don't want middle-class kids going to school for free.
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