Pictures Of Isaac Newtons Inventions

Pictures Of Isaac Newtons Inventions

pictures of isaac newtons inventions
Newtons laws and frictionrev2 - Gears Educational Products - 105 Webster Street, Hanover Massachusetts 02339 - Telephone Number 781 878 1512 - 1 Newton’s Laws and Friction Friction is a Doubled Edge lesson introduces GEARS users to three related concepts, these are:

1.) The nature of forces 2.) Newton’s laws of motion 3.) The force of Friction.
Force = Mass x obvious implication of this simple algebraic statement is that the mass of the object increases.

Students who participate in this lesson will learn basic techniques for evaluating forces, motion

of friction as a force that opposes motion.

Terms, Concepts, and Definitions

Kinematics Newton’s First Law Newton’s Second Law Newton’s Third Law Action-reaction forces Inertia Dynamics Momentum Work Weight Inertial mass Force Friction Static Friction Sliding friction Coefficient of Friction Acceleration of Gravity

Gears Educational Products - 105 Webster Street, Hanover Massachusetts 02339 - Telephone Number 781 878 1512 - 2 Tape Assorted Masses Calculator 3-5 lb Spring scale GEARS-IDS Kit

GEARS-IDS Robot String Long Table Stop Watch

Objectives The objectives of these lessons are to: Identify the nature of forces that act on objects Calculate Force and Weight Recognize and define terms associated with Forces and Friction.Measure the force of friction Calculate the coefficient of friction between two surfaces

Use Newton’s Laws to predict the effect of forces acting on objects.

Develop design strategies that successfully resolve forces acting on a mechanism Things to know before you start.

lesson should review systems of units including SI, Imperial and MKS systems.In addition students should be familiar with using online conversion calculators like with concepts involving motion, velocity and acceleration is helpful.

ortable manipulating simple algebraic statements and understand

Mechanisms, Motion, Work and Friction

The term work is a useful concept.Work is the product of a force acalgebraic statement looks like this:

Work = Force x Distance

Machines produce useful work by transforming energy from one form to another, or by changing the direction or magnitude of applied forces.For example, batteries convert chemical energy into rnal combustion engines convert the heMechanisms are made to move

Friction is a force that opposes motion and wastes energy.Some of the energy used to create the

used to overcome oppositional reduces the efficiency of machines and mechanisms, and good designers are always looking for ways to minimize friction.

When mechanisms or objects in contact, move relative to one another frictional forces work in opposition to their relative motion.

The successful operation of any mechanism depends on the builder’s ability to carefully and deliberately understand and optimize the desirable effects of

forces and minimize or neutralize the undesirable forces acting on the mechanism being designed.

For example; The wings of an airplane must develop lifting forces capable of carrying a heavily loaded plane aloft, yet they must be strong enough to resist the shearing forces generated during take off and landing over a period of many years.Automobile fuel efficiency is improved by making cars lighter, but designers must also make cars strong enough to protect passengers in the event of accidents.

The ability to understand and resolve forces acting on a mechanism is an important part of the engineering design process and it begins with a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of force and motion.

Forces and Motion; Simple as 1,2,3.

When a net (unbalanced) force acts on an object to changes it’s rate of motion or direction, the object accelerates.This change in motion can be either linear or circular.

Gears Educational Products - 105 Webster Street, Hanover Massachusetts 02339 - Telephone Number 781 878 1512 -

3 n



f uld

d direction.A force is simply a push or a pull that causes aobject to start moving, stop moving, or change the direction of its motion.

When youa GEARS robot on thefloor, the force of gravity causes the robot to exert a force against the floor, the floor “Reacts by pushing up against the robot with an equal forceAfter all, if the floor pushed up with a forcegreater than the weight othe robot, the robot wobegin to move upward, if the force of the floor were less, the robot would sink downward.The result is a balance of forces acting on the robot and it does not move.Forces are vector quantities and vectors as we learnedearlier have magnitude an Newton’s Laws of Motion Sir Isaac Newton, the famous scientist who studied the motion and acceleration of objects described the effect of forces on objects with three eloquent statements

Newton’s First Law: An object with no net force acting on it moves with constant velocity..
Here are some pictures of Isaac damage in New Orleans. Click the link to donate to the American Red Cross
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Here are some pictures of Isaac damage in New Orleans.Click the link to donate to the American Red Cross
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Devastating Photos Of Hurricane Isaac Damage
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