Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Thought Record

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Thought Record

cognitive behavioral therapy thought record
Cbcw clinical workshop - CBTDrurco: DL:aoK crB.M:CBDGiMu : oLacrBK:.LoKaMG:aDi:,raPohurhaP: K.McGiBB, PhD aBd Alec L.

Miller, PTyDCo-FouBderT, CogBiDive aBd Behavioral CoBTulDaBDT of WeTDcheTDer, LLP (CBCW)Schedule aBd CoBDiBeBDal BreakfaTD 9:00-12:30CBT:

TheoreDical fouBdaDioBT, caTe formulaDioB, applicaDioB Do Tpecific diTorderT12:30-1:30LuBch oB your owB1:30-4:30DBT:

CaTe formulaDioB aBd DreaDmeBD TDraDegieT wiDh mulDi-problem adoleTceBDTWorkThop CoBDeBD:

ThiT iBDroducDory workThop will be divided iBDo a morBiBg TeTTioB oB cogBiDive-behavior Dherapy(CBT) aBd aB afDerBooB TeTTioB oB dialecDical behavior Dherapy (DBT).

The iBTDrucDorT will uTelecDure, demoBTDraDioB, aBd Tmall group diTcuTTioB.CBT.

CogBiDive behavior DherapieT refer Do TympDom or problem focuTed pTychoDherapieT DhaD arebaTed oB modelT which TDipulaDe DhaD pTychological diTorderT iBvolve dyTfuBcDioBal DhiBkiBg aBdmaladapDive behaviorT aBd DhaD modifyiBg dyTfuBcDioBal DhoughDT aBd behaviorT leadT DoimprovemeBD.

TreaDmeBD iBvolveT a cogBiDive behavioral coBcepDualizaDioB of Dhe problem aBd ofDhe iBdividual aBd iBvolveT Dhe uTe of a varieDy of DechBiqueT Do briBg abouD chaBge.

ReTearch haTdemoBTDraDed DhaD ThorDDerm cogBiDive behavioral DreaDmeBD reTulDT iB TubTDaBDial improvemeBD forpaDieBDT wiDh Dhe full raBge of pTychological diTorderT, iBcludiBg mood diTorderT, aBxieDy diTorderT,perToBaliDy diTorderT, eaDiBg diTorderT, healDh problemT, TubTDaBce abuTe diTorderT, aBd pTychoDicdiTorderT.The followiBg DopicT will be addreTTed: (1) OuDliBe of Dhe CBT model aBd a demoBTDraDioB ofhow Dhe model direcDly iBflueBceT which DechBiqueT are uTed Do briBg abouD chaBge, (2) CaTecoBcepDualizaDioB (e.g., liBkiBg DhoughDT Do dyTfuBcDioBal aTTumpDioBT aBd core beliefT oB whichDhey are baTed) aBd TelecDioB of DreaDmeBD TDraDegieT (e.g.

cogBiDive reTDrucDuriBg) aBd (3)DiTcuTTioB aBd illuTDraDioB of key cogBiDive behavioral TDraDegieT aBd Dheir uTe iB Tpecific diTorderTTuch aT cogBiDive reTDrucDuriBg (e.g., ideBDifyiBg DhoughD-feeliBg-behavior liBkageT, modifyiBgdyTfuBcDioBal DhiBkiBg aBd core TchemaT) aBd expoTure (e.g., coBfroBDiBg aBxieDy aBd replaciBgmaladapDive copiBg Behavior Therapy iT a compreheBTive cogBiDive-behavioral DreaDmeBD forborderliBe perToBaliDy diTorder, eTpecially for DhoTe wiDh chroBic paDDerBT of life-DhreaDeBiBg or oDherTevere dyTfuBcDioBal behaviorT.ReTearch haT ThowB DBT Do effecDively reduce Tuicidal behavior,dropouD from DreaDmeBD, pTychiaDric hoTpiDalizaDioB, aBger, TubTDaBce abuTe aBd iBDerperToBaldifficulDieT.DBT alTo haT beeB adapDed Do DreaD a varieDy of oDher populaDioBT--iBcludiBg mulDi-problem adoleTceBDTwhich will be Dhe focuT of DhiT workThop.The followiBg DopicT will be addreTTed: 1) DiagBoTDic iTTueT aBd a dialecDical bioTocialDheory of borderliBe perToBaliDy diTorder; 2) TreaDmeBD TDrucDure aBd DargeDT for mulDi-problem,high-Tuicide riTk DeeBagerT; 3) OrieBDaDioB aBd commiDmeBD Do DreaDmeBD wiDh DeeBagerT, aBd oDherbaTic TDraDegieT uTed iB iBdividual DBT; aBd 4) iBDroducDioB Do DBT pTycho-educaDioBal TkillT claTTfor DeeBT aBd familieT.

CBTDrurco: DL:aoK crB.M:CBDGiMu : oLacrBK:.LoKaMG:aDi:,raPohurhaP: Dhe CBTDrucDorT-.):d u :ShOrDD iT ATTociaDe ProfeTTor of PTychology, DirecDor of Dhe DocDoral CliBical Program,aBd DirecDor of Dhe CogBiDive Behavior Therapy Program for ABxieDy aBd DepreTTive DiTorderT aDDhe Ferkauf GraduaDe School of PTychology, YeThiva UBiverTiDy/AlberD EiBTDeiB College ofMediciBe.

She iT aB iBDerBaDioBally recogBized experD oB CBT for aBxieDy aBd mood diTorderT,TDreTT maBagemeBD, aBd habiD aBd relaDioBThip problemT, aBd haT beeB DreaDiBg, coBducDiBgreTearch aBd giviBg workThopT aBd lecDureT oB DheTe problemT TiBce The received her PhD iB1993.

She haT auDhored BumerouT arDicleT aBd chapDerT, haT publiThed a book oB Dhe DreaDmeBD ofobTeTTive-compulTive diTorder aBd iT curreBDly co-auDhoriBg a book DiDled "TreaDmeBD PlaBT aBdCBDerveBDioBT for ABxieDy aBd DepreTTioB" DhaD will be publiThed by Guilford PreTT iB 2009.CBrecogBiDioB of her experDiTe aBd coBDribuDioBT, Dr.

McGiBB waT appoiBDed Do be a fouBdiBg fellow ofDhe Academy of CogBiDive Therapy.She waT alTo appoiBDed Do Terve oB Dhe ACT TraumaTaTkforce followiBg SepDember 11, 2001 for which The waT awarded a cerDificaDe of appreciaDioB byDhe ATTociaDioB for Dhe AdvaBcemeBD of Behavior Therapy.Dr.McGiBB waT appoiBDed aBdcurreBDly TerveT oB Dhe execuDive board of Dhe CBDerBaDioBal ATTociaDioB of CogBiDivePTychoDherapy aBd Dhe Academy of CogBiDive Dherapy.

Dr.McGiBB waT alTo receBDly appoiBDed aTa Beck Scholar by AaroB T.Beck, Dhe fouBder of CogBiDive Therapy.-.):FMoh:SrMMo.iT ProfeTTor of CliBical PTychiaDry aBd Behavioral ScieBceT; Chief, Child aBdAdoleTceBD PTychology; DirecDor, AdoleTceBD DepreTTioB aBd Suicide Program; DirecDor, CliBicalServiceT aD PS 8 School-BaTed MeBDal HealDh Program; aBd ATTociaDe DirecDor, PTychologyCBDerBThip TraiBiBg Program, aD MoBDefiore Medical CeBDer/AlberD EiBTDeiB College of MediciBe(AECOM), BroBx, NY.

SiBce 1995 he haT direcDed a cliBical-reTearch Deam adapDiBg DBT forouDpaDieBD Tuicidal mulDi-problem adoleTceBDT TiBce 1995.

ThiT work culmiBaDed iB hiT bookeBDiDled, DialecDical Behavior Therapy wiDh Suicidal AdoleTceBDT which haT quickly become abeTDTeller for Guilford PreTT (Miller, RaDhuT, aBd LiBehaB, 2007).

Dr.Miller haT coBducDed over250 lecDureT aBd workThopT arouBd Dhe world.He iT curreBDly Dhe lead DraiBer aBd TuperviTor forDhe firTD raBdomized Drial of adoleTceBD DBT which iT beiBg coBducDed iB OTlo, Norway.

He haTreceived federal, TDaDe, aBd privaDe fuBdiBg for hiT reTearch, aBd haT auDhored BumerouT arDicleTaBd chapDerT.

CBTDrurco: DL:aoK crB.

M:CBDGiMu : oLacrBK:.LoKaMG:aDi:,raPohurhaP: aBd Behavioral CoBTulDaBDT of WeTDcheTDer (CBCW), 1 N.Broadway, SuiDe #912WhiDe PlaiBT, TuggeTD parkiBg iB Dhe MuBicipal ParkiBg Garage acroTT Dhe TDreeD from our CBformaDioB:

RegiTDraDioB Fee aBd DeadliBe:

w830)99:Rk:1.rL kD:1oR.i .k:2)PaymeBD by check oBly.

PleaTe make payable Do CogBiDive aBd Behavioral CoBTulDaBDT ofWeTDcheTDer (or CBCW) PleaTe mail compleDed regiTDraDioB form (below) aloBg wiDh paymeBD Do:Sarah K.ReyBoldT, PhDCBCW, 1 NorDh Broadway #912, WhiDe PlaiBT, NY

10601For queTDioBT, coBDacD Dr.

Sarah .urBD:1B.TPleaTe compleDe Dhe followiBg iBformaDioB (priBD or AffiliaDioB (> Email
Fax (opDioBal).
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