Funny Rap Songs About School

Funny Rap Songs About School

funny rap songs about school
Its so funny to me how people talk about illumanti devil worshipers then turn around and listen to rap songs about murder.
On those rap songs when that white man say "DAMN SON WHERE'D YOU FIND THIS">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shit funny AF!!
Only people that know my dad will realize how funny it is hearing him quote rap songs. "Hit it fast and hit her ass???"
He has a "I'm awesome" song and a "Harry potter rap" they're funny. No serious songs.just comedy
Sometimes I Use To Think How "Lil John" Get In The Rap Game ? When All He Do Is YELL But His Songs So Funny To Me ..
i was watching this little girl rap. she legit writes her own songs and raps them. SOO FUNNY.
Its funny how all these ppl claim they a tupac fan but cant rap not. 1 of his songs straight through life 4life
i do this funny ass 2 Chainz type of dance when i hear one of my favorite ignorant rap songs on the radio. Shit's hilarious.
It's really funny when Guys who work part time for minimum wage quote rap songs about having swag and paper
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