1 Year Dating Anniversary Quotes

1 Year Dating Anniversary Quotes


Friday, October 19, .POSTAGE PAIDwhat’s insideBlue Door Gallery ExhibitMayor Mike’s Bike DriveThis, Too, is YonkersBy Dan MurphyImagine if members of the Yonkers Police Department protested outside the Police Athletic -bers of the Yonkers Fire Department protested -cal 628 President Barry McGoey.Imagine that -These scenarios are unimaginable because the protests would have been targeted at the The unimaginable happened last week, as the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) held a protest outside of Yonkers Partners in Educa-tion’s (YPIE) gala.Teachers who marched outside of the YPIE gala, led by YFT President Pat Puleo, claimed staff in the YPS over the past few years due to budget cuts.Their claim — that social workers, guidance counselors, teachers and staff have But the YFT aimed their protest poorly.

The decision to protest outside of an event — the goal of which was to raise funds to 27,000 students in the YPS — was shocking to many.nard Pierorazio said, “To picket outside the YPIE gala — an event dedicated to affording to the shared goal of providing our students,” said YPS Superand, for that effort, we should always stand in solidarity.”her to call off the rally; she Puleo and the YFT leadership cuts to the YPS budget.Since YPIE’s creation, there was been ongoing tension with the YFT.At Board of Education for allowing YPIE College The problem with the YFT’s argument is that the College Advisors who work in the without YPIE funding, 100 percent of which is individuals.This funding is a completely sepafor kids, that has nothing to do with the YFT.The College Advisor jobs that the YFT ganization that the YFT itself seems to oppose.The funds for YPIE programs and positions have never been a part of the YPS budget which, due school district will never be able to afford.That is why YPIE was created — to support programs When you see former Mayor Phil Amcione, Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE) held its Fifth Anniversary Gala last week on the rooftop of the Cross County Shopping Center, where more -ter Kelly and music by The Amish Outlaws.This This year’s honoree was Mayor Mike Spano, who praised YPIE for their successful efforts “in making a difference for our kids.”organization dedicated to raising funds to increase the number of Yonkers Public School students Assemblymember Shelley Mayer, who represents most of Yonkers in the new 90th caused by Mike Spano’s election as Mayor.59, born and raised in Yonkers — has hit the and experience of how state government in Althe people of Yonkers.“I’m proud of what I have done so far,” respect of a lot of members in the Assembly and the Senate because I have been around Albany for a long time.I’m viewed as a straight process and policy.”New York State Senate Conference in Albany from 2007 to 2011
1 year dating anniversary quotes

She also worked as Vice President of Government and Community AfNew York City’s largest teaching hospital syscare services, and for Attorney General Bob achieve $1 million in targeted aid for the Yonfunding for Yonkers High Schools, together with Assemblymember Pretlow.”of an Adjudication Bureau in Yonkers, which takes some of the smaller non-criminal offenses out of the crowded Yonkers court system and before an Administrative Law Judge Assemblymember Shelley Mayer Working Hard for YonkersCongressional District — made up of Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Eastchester, Pelham, New Rochelle, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye City, Scarsdale and parts of both Greenburgh and the Bronx man Eliot Engel and republican Joe Mclaughlin are facing off.Engel has represented the Bronx and small portions of Westchester for 24 years in Congress.McLaughlin is a longtime Bronx resiof the country.gress needs to work on is the economy and jobs,” Engel told me.“Every member, democrat and republican, needs to concentrate on the economy.

it’s too slow a recovery.There is real pain out there.“We also have an impending budget crisis at things from a grand plan of bringing down the was that we were very polarized and there was no meeting in the middle.The Tea Party republicans and their ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, which we can’t afford, are to blame.This is a serious crisis we don’t want a disaster.

There has been “We fought two wars on a credit card and It happened during the Bush years, when republicans controlled the White House and Congress Yonkers’ Next Congressman is...:Engel and McLaughlin Face OYFT Misses the Mark — AgainYPIE 5th AnniversaryGala a Big SuccessL to r: Mayor Mike Spano, YPS Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio,YPIE Executive Director Wendy Nadel and former Mayor Phil AmiconeA story in the New York PostNew York’s biggest cities — including Yonbankruptcy’ and are looking for a bailout from Gov.

Cuomo’s administration,” was met with “The Mayors of three of New York’s largto Fredric U.Dicker’s column in today’s York Post.This column stated that the State’s biggest cities are ‘close to bankruptcy’ and are looking for a bailout from the Governor’s administration.

The Mayors, Stephanie A.

Miner of Syracuse, Thomas Richards of Rochester and Mike Spano of Yonkers, are working to“We read with concern the statements in today’s press.Three things need to be re-New York are not seeking handouts.We are that affects many of the citizens of New York who live and work in our cities.

Two, we have and employees.Three, the budget gaps that are soon to appear in cities across the state are too large to be bridged from within those cities.

To suggest otherwise only postpones the hard work of resolving the problem.”in their respective cities, Yonkers, Syracuse and Rochester.Dicker’s story on October 15 — titled states:face runaway labor, pension and education Yonkers Not ‘Close to Bankruptcy’Continued on Page 10.
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